[Magdalen] Gone to the dogs

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Thu Feb 27 15:20:11 UTC 2020

Dogs are always getting lost here and it is nice that the entire neighborhood
helps retrieve them.  We are at the edge of small city that is now more than50% Hispanic.  Neighbors were wise enough to get a large picture of the mostrecent lost dog, because few residents are bilingual, it seems, and speak onlySpanish.

It is interesting how these matters have changed through the years.  When
my father (born:1880) was first "electioneering"  for the position of DistrictAttorney in 1912, he quickly realized that he had to pick up some elementarySwedish  because  many of the voters visited spoke only Swedish.  He didwin the election and then remained in that office for the next 46 years --- theWisconsin record.

David Strang.
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Bless you for this work with the least of these.

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